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Palm Oil Free

Trevisick’s Pie Emporium are proud to announce that we are the First Pie Company in the UK and the World to be certified Palm Oil Free.

This means all our products contain only natural and nutrient rich fats and oils,  butter, dripping,  lard, Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil. We know you will taste and love the difference.

Certified Palm Oil Free Pies and Pasties
Certified Palm Oil Free

Want to hear something beautiful? Turn the sound up.Our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark is now approved in 14 countries so if you are a company from England, Ireland, Australia, Wales, Scotland, Spain, Austria, Sweden, France, Italy, Finland, the USA, NZ & a country we will announce in the new year you can now apply to have your products CERTIFIED PALM OIL FREE (CPOF) http://www.palmoilfreecertification.org/how-to-apply#certifiedpalmoilfree #palmoilfreecertification #palmoilfreecertificationtrademark #certifedpalmoilfreeproducts #palmoilfreeproducts #PalmFree #CertifiedPalmFree #getcertifiedpalmoilfree #rainforests #orangutans #NoRainforestNoMe #certifiedpalmoilfree4me #rainforestsrock #rainforests4kids #palmoilfreeproducts #PalmOilFreeSkincare #PalmOilFreeBeauty #deforestation #PalmOilFreeFood #palmoilfreeItaly #organic #plantbased #environment #EcoProducts #VeganFood #VeganProducts #SaveThePlanet #NoPlanetB

Posted by Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark on Saturday, June 1, 2019

About the

Palm Oil Free Certification Programme

The International Palm Oil free Certification Accreditation Programme ( POFCAP ) has developed a Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark and Certification Accreditation Programme allowing companies to submit their products for assessment and if successful, certification.  This is a world first, and POFCAP has been approved to certify products in many countries around the world.

The Palm Oil free Certification Accreditation Programme was developed to aid consumers in finding products which have been assessed by an independent, registered and approved Palm Oil Free Certification Programme and found to be palm oil and palm oil derivative free.

It was also developed to create a new funding stream to help organisations on the ground around the world working to protect rainforests and all they contain.

Manufacturing products to be palm oil free is quickly becoming the next ethical and environmental step towards true sustainability.  For further information please visit www.palmoilfreecertification.org    

A Word From Our Founders

We were determined from the very start that all our Pies and Pasties would be Palm Oil Free.

The devastating impact Palm Oil production is having on Rain-forests and the species that depend on them, all over the world, is heartbreaking. Areas of forest the size of the UK, regularly cleared to provide cheap Palm oil for food, cosmetics, and other every day products.

Palm Oil in food,  provides little nutritional value, raises bad cholesterol and is only used because it’s cheap. We think it both tastes wrong and leaves a greasy film.

We use original recipes that have always used natural fats and Oils. Fats that your body can digest and provide many essential nutrients and vitamins. Yes it may cost us more, but we firmly believe the difference in quality and taste is worth it.

Not only that but we pay a fee for each certified product, based on Sales, which goes to support the work of Organisations such as the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, amongst others. So each and every pie you buy is helping to support and protect our vital rain forests and the species and people who depend on them

Palm Oil Free Pies | Palm Oil Free Pasties

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