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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Our first go at entering not only a national but international food competition. Well you've got to aim for the sky...

Trevisick's Pie Emporium is among the Great Taste winners of 2019, with two 1-star awards.

Our Chunky Steak and Kidney Pie was described by the judges as 'a pie with a good crisp pastry, golden and well puffed'.

They said: "The kidney is full flavoured and rich, the gravy is well reduced and coats the meat well filling the pie. " "Savoury notes and seasoning combined with the beef, which is well flavoured, add up to a good little pie."

Our Vegetarian favourite, the Mushroom Stroganoff Pie was described as 'an attractive, rustic and homemade looking pie'.

"The pastry felt crisp to cut. Some mushroom notes on the nose. The pastry was crisp and tasty and the mushroom filling tasty and well balanced," said the judges.

The panel of judges this year included cook, writer and champion of sustainable food Melissa Hemsley, Kenny Tutt, MasterChef 2018 champion, author Olia Hercules, chef and food writer Gill Meller, Kavi Thakar from Dishoom, food writer and stylist Georgina Hayden and author and chef Zoe Adjonyoh, as well as food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Sourced Market and Partridges.

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